Week 13: Wrap-up

While researching this topic I learned many things that I had no idea about before. It is something that I have always found interesting, I grew up watching cop shows, especially law and order, and not looking behind the scenes and seeing how prisoners themselves are treated has been a very interesting topic that I am glad I did.

When I started this project I was going to just focus on how women are treated in the prison system but after doing alot of research from different outlets I learned about people from other races and backgrounds and how they experience prison life, along with many other aspects such as diseases, medical care and marriage and relationships. Through these areas I learned that although it seems a though it should be that all are treated the same in prison this is not the case and actually it can be quite an unfair system.

People need to get involved and work together to bring equal rights and rights to those who are in prison, because they are still humans and they still deserve to be treated with respect that anyone else would deserve.  Writing you legislature is a great way to get involved and get your voice heard, along with the changing of laws and regulations.


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